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A two hour ironing session could burn nearly 350 calories.
23 October
Published in: Latest News

SURPRISED, I was the other night when I found an online app that calculated how many calories that are burned from playing golf. It all came about when I was having a mini brainstorming session one evening with Nicola Huelin, Founder of CEO Mums, and Jude Hill, a fellow member of a networking group EVOGirls.

We've all heard that golf has a lot of health benefits, especially for your heart and I’ll share a little more about them below. BUT...

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Abi Griffiths interviews Felicity Dunderdale
07 January
Published in: Latest News

Listen and watch Felicity Dunderdale (me), founder of FORE! WOMEN, being interviewed by sports action television presenter Abi Griffiths. Abi asks me the questions all women need to know about getting into golf, how I can help you start, why I feel that golf is good for women and you should get involved and play.

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Getting your golf started
05 January
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Published in: Latest News

Have you decided that you’re golfing journey is going to take place this year?

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