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Reducing uncontrollable bounce Featured

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Reducing uncontrollable bounce
12 January
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The beginning of a New Year will always help us to refocus thoughts about our general physical health and wellbeing. Has it ever crossed your mind that your breasts may have stopped you from carrying out your activity plans.

The Research Group in Breast Health from the University of Portsmouth surveyed 249 women and they found that the fourth largest barrier to exercise are: Problems finding the right sports bra, and embarrassment caused by breast movement during exercise were the most commonly reported breast-related barriers to exercise.

A Daily Mail article reported that: 'with each step a woman takes, her breasts move an average of 9 cm - not just up and down, but also sideways - in a figure of eight motion. When she breaks into a run, they move up to 15 cm with each stride, if unconstrained by a bra.’

No wonder that our breasts are a barrier to exercise. Luckily there’s not much call for running on a golf course, unless you’ve left your club behind at the last hole or dropped a headcover in the middle of the fairway.

We couldn't find any guidance in finding the right bra for female golfers so we drew on the similarities found in tennis. In the (DM) article, Professor Scurr from the RGBH advises: 'in games such as tennis, the upper body rotates so the breasts move a lot from side to side. For that, you need a bra that's got support in the sides, as well as in the middle of the chest, to stop them swinging as you twist.

We sought some advice from the sports bra site Boobydoo, who have a great guide called “The Right Fit", you can also search for bras by sporting activity. If you're not sure of the type of fit you require they have a quick responding 'Chat' support.

We asked them what they would recommend for a golfer (36D), they suggested a couple of NEW racer back sports bras shown below. As we’re developed in all shapes and sizes we did a little more research on their site and here are three bras that should cover all aspects. 

You never know that wearing the right sports bra may improve your golfing confidence too.

Triaction Hybrid Lite Sports Bra, £42


This Triumph non-wired hybrid sports bra was their first recommendation. Available in black or green comb (shown), sizes B-E cup, 32-38.

Boobydoo said "the new triaction bras are good as they are so soft"

All New Neon Pixel Collection from Panache at boobydoo, £40


We then asked if racer back bras were recommended for golfers. They say that "it is down to personal preference, but would have thought it would be better."

The second bra that they recommended is the Panache Ultimate Sports Bra, as "they have a clip at the back so it can be made into a racer back style this one is also available in underwire and non underwire again depending on what you prefer."

Available in 11 colours, including black or white, the bra has a variety of sizes from B-J cup, 28-40.

New Balance Tenderly Obsessive Sports Bra, £30 


If you're on the smaller side this medium impact, hybrid racer back is available in A-D cups with sculpted support for a 'shapelier you.'

If you want to see how our upper body moves during activity Shock Absorber have developed a computer generated ‘Bounce-o-meter’.


Have you something to add? We'd love to hear your comments.

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