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Getting your golf started in 2017

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Getting your golf started
05 January
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Getting your golf started

Have you decided that you’re golfing journey is going to take place this year?

You’ve probably been toying with the idea for a while now, and this year you are going to take a leap taking your first step into your golfing journey.

We've put together a snapshot of five things that you need to know to get started:

What to wear

No doubt you’ll be in the early stages of getting to know the game. Don’t worry about putting too much pressure on yourself when deciding what to wear. It's not about what you 'should' be wearing. Depending on the weather you’ll need a pair of trousers, jeans or shorts. Make sure that you can move easily in them and they're not too restrictive. The same goes with your top, layer-up and try not to select something that’s too bulky. And finally, a pair of flat shoes.

What to expect from your first golf taster session

Taster sessions are designed so that you can try the different skills in golf: putting, chipping/ pitching, and long shots. Golf clubs and balls should be provided, ideally, you’ll spend about 20-30 minutes on each skill. Usually lasting for a couple of hours so that you’ll be able to gain a good insight and start to develop your golfing confidence. And, of course, get to know likeminded women who are interested in playing golf too. At the end of the session (and during) there’ll be time to chat about the session, ask questions and find out what your next steps are.

What golf equipment you may or may not need

Don’t feel as if you need to buy any golf equipment when you’re starting out. Some people may have an old set of golf clubs hidden in their garage, shed, loft or under the stairs and bring them along to the golf session. There will be plenty of time for you to buy golf clubs once you’ve decided to continue along your golfing journey.

Where to find activities and your next steps

There are plenty of places offering beginner golf coaching sessions. Have a look at your local golf club’s website to see what they offer. If you’re unable find anything suitable then there are two golf activity websites fibodo and getintogolf. We recommend searching on fibodo for ease and location based. We’ve built up Twitter lists of people using the hashtags for #ThisGirlGolfs, #GetGolfing and #WomensGolfDay, have a look to see if local golf clubs are tweeting about their activities.

What costs are involved

There maybe a nominal fee per person but generally taster sessions are free. And, as we’ve explained above taking your first few steps along your golfing journey shouldn’t be that expensive.

The important thing to remember is not to stress about what you think is right or wrong!


If you have anything that you’d like to add, please feel free to comment below.

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