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What you should expect from your first golf taster session Featured

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Women's golf taster session for SKY
02 February
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Women's golf taster session for SKY Felicity Dunderdale

A look at what you should expect from your first golf taster session. “Progressive golf clubs wanting to attract more women to the game will know that today’s free taster session creates tomorrow’s new members.

The true aim of a good taster session is for ladies to have fun so they want to come back another day. There is so much that makes up golf that you are not going to understand the whole game just from one lesson, but it should give you more confidence when it comes to hitting a ball.

There are normally about eight to 10 people in a taster session which is run by the golf professional. There might be one or two ladies who know a bit about golf, but most of you will be in the same boat, complete novices but with an enthusiasm to learn.

Arrive a few minutes early so the golf pro can ask a few questions to find out what you do and don’t know. All of the equipment is supplied so you just have to turn up wearing comfortable clothes and sensible flat shoes - definitely no heels! As for mobiles, keep them on silent, but feel free to take a selfie or two to share with friends.

These days, I don’t even take my phone with me when I am playing as I want to completely relax and switch off from outside influences. Be prepared for the word `tee’ to crop up in almost every other sentence the golf pro says. He or she will show you how to hit the ball off the tee – that is from the teepeg while you are standing on the tee between the tee markers. Got it? Actually, if you are completely new to the game, none of this matters as a good coach will guide you and by the end of your first session you will be fluent in `tee’ speak.

In the two hour taster session you won’t get to play a game, but you will at least have a go with the various clubs from different practices areas around the golf course. While the normal golf etiquette is to be quiet while someone is taking a shot, a taster session is a far more relaxed affair. Invariably, you will all be having a go at the same time, so plenty of opportunity to chat and give words of encouragement to your fellow newbies.

When a ladies’ taster session is in full swing, you can hear more sounds of laughter echoing across the golf course than on normal days. And that is what it should be about – fun and the enjoyment of learning something new.

By the end of the taster session you will know if golf is for you. And if it is, get your next session booked in before you leave, and make the most of any offers and discounts the golf club should be providing to entice you to come back again. As we say in golf, strike while the golf iron is hot!”

If you want to take part in a female golf taster session, visit our Events listings to register.

Golf clubs and courses, visit our About page to see how you can partner with us.

Published in Ladies’ Zone – Get Into Golf! column for County Zone Golf magazine, Issue 15



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