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North Foreland Golf Club Case Study

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North Foreland Golf Club Case Study
30 October
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How FORE! WOMEN can help you to facilitate growth and continuously attract female members to your golf club. To encourage female participation and continuous recruitment at golf clubs, FORE! Women used four key strategies: partnership, media activity, taster sessions, and a sales process. As a result, they welcomed 61 women to four taster sessions at North Foreland Golf Club within a three month period.


  • To encourage female participation and remove their perception of the Golf Club
  • To implement a process for continuous recruitment of new female members
  • To raise awareness of the Academy and Short Course facility to residents in Thanet


  • Partnership focused on brand and distribution
  • Using media activities to raise awareness and generate interest
  • Taster sessions to encourage participation at the golf club
  • Implementation of a sales process


  • Generated a list of 70 women who are actively interested in golf
  • 87 per cent of women participated in a golf taster session
  • 3/5ths returned for a paid 1:1 or group lesson
  • 10 per cent took up their Academy membership offer
  • 20 women purchased and attended a 5 week improvement course


FORE! Women's digital golf guide is at the heart of continuously attracting women to your golf club. The combination of our three principles: make friends, take part and find clubs; with our four strategies will help you to facilitate growth of your female membership.

Our four key strategies for growing female participation and recruiting new golfers.

  1. Partnership
    Unbeknown to Felicity Dunderdale, founder, when she joined her first golf club 17 years ago the gestation period of FORE! Women had started. She couldn’t believe why more women were not taking up golf and it was a further 13 years before the concept of FORE! Women was born. Felicity’s business values are based on collaboration, community and value. Using these and helping women to overcome their perceptions of golf, she is passionate about helping golf clubs to succeed.

  2. Raise awareness and capture interest
    Publicity and digital media played a large role in raising awareness to women that were interested in starting to play golf, or getting back into the sport. The partnership between North Foreland Golf Club and FORE! Women served as a confidence builder that helped women to indicate their interest in getting started. And, to dilute their perception of male dominance in golf. It facilitated the start of the process by encouraging sign-up on the website and then joining the club’s ‘group’ for introductions and updates.

  3. Open your doors
    To keep hold of the momentum the next step was to encourage those who were interested through the Club's door. Using the website to promote a free taster session, a way to register attendance and get to know other attendees. The group session was socially focussed, introducing three basic golf skills, had a relaxed dress code, and adopted: “No question, is a silly question.” With this in place, on the day a warm and organised welcome, representation from the club secretary, head pro and ladies section helped to put the group at ease.

  4. Keep them coming back
    The first skill here is to encourage members of the taster group to return to the club. We designed three 'paid offers' for those who felt that they needed an individual lesson, wanted a smaller group session (with the new friends that they’d made), and those who were ready to sign up to a year's Academy membership. The second is to guide those who attended a paid lesson or session towards the Academy membership, highlighting value for money. The last is to create and encourage a routine for the women by returning to the club for on- and off-course coaching and social. In addition to developing a continuous process for golf clubs to grow their female membership.


I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, everyone was so friendly and completely changed my misguided opinions of North Foreland ! From the moment I walked from the car park to the Pro Shop people nodded and acknowledged me and whilst on the putting area a gentlemen wished us a pleasant afternoon.
Carolyn Silvester Managing Director Goldcrest Ltd


The golf session was perfect for beginners, a taster as described. I've played a couple of years but still picked up tips. Dawn Thompson Loved the experience, opened up a whole new world which I am hoping to join! (Work and children permitting…)
Geraldine Gobby


This taster day was worth going too, l would recommend to other women to have a go.
Debra Allen


I have played previously, albeit years ago, but thought the session gave an excellent insight into golf both playing and the etiquette. Personally I hope that the day has given me the opportunity to meet and play with other ladies who do not currently have any friends playing golf.
Marie Godwin


I liked the opportunity to have a go at the three different levels of hitting the ball, having had more practice at putting than the others. I realised that I am not naturally talented but was just as good as some of the others. To be honest I don't really have time to take up golf because of my other interests and commitments, but the Northcliff Course is something our family would seriously consider using occasionally. Glad to have discovered it!
Gillian Corless


There's only so much you can cover in an hour and a half! The 3 skills gave an all round experience. The 2 coaches had good patter and banter which relaxed most people. The instructions were clear, concise and gave the opportunity to ask questions without feeling intimidated!
Annette Foulis


N.F. Golf Club provided a professional yet friendly environment for the "novice". At the start of the "taster" we were introduced to the facilities of the clubhouse whilst the afternoon tea offered an opportunity to meet and greet all concerned. It was a highly structured event that was well planned and executed.
Marjorie Vigurs


We had a brilliant day and will definitely come back for some more lessons. The whole group were such lovely people and the time just flew. We ended up making new friends as well. Thank you for your fantastic hospitality.
Caroline King


In July 2015, Felicity was featured on BBC Radio Kent’s Breakfast Show at North Foreland Golf Club. In August and September 2015, each edition of County Zone Magazine published Felicity's column. Also, in August 2015, she partnered with the Golf Show Group to grow female attendance at the London Golf Show. In November 2015, she will host the FORE! Women Zone at the London Golf Show, GLOW, Bluewater.

Read our testimonials from North Foreland Golf Club's Marketing Committee

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